Caging My Cuck Whilst My Bulls Fuck – Part 1

Pornstars: Adreena Winters, The Shadow Dimitri
Categories: Cuckold, Interracial, Videos


Caging my unworthy cuck took a creative twist as I mixed things up! I wasn’t going to make him count down the hours before his release, but this time, count the cocks I receive ploughing into my pussy! Naked and locked, I take the key and sit him down ready to enjoy the show! My alpha bull arrives right on cue and after seeing me looking sexy as fuck in my stockings and expensive lingerie, I had him hard and leaking precum within seconds! 💦 Sensual kissing went from my mouth to my juicing pussy, as he got me throbbing Alpha style! My cuck making for a very useful clothes horse and swelling in his cage as we get truly filthy in front of him! His cock was huge and at times I almost couldn’t take all of it inside me! But it felt so good I couldn’t let the shear size of it stop me feeling euphoric pleasure! Just when I thought my night couldn’t get any better, my bulls phone rings! 📞 Looks very much like your favourite Queen Of Spades is about to receive a double dosage of BBC as my bull beckons his friend over too! Hope your keeping count cucky! Ha!